Wednesday 11 June 2008

The metaphysics of discipleship

A great post from Halden on the metaphysics of discipleship: “In Jesus’ view, the call to discipleship that he was preaching was not something hard and burdensome, but rather a call to leave such burdens behind..., a call to anarchic liberation from the dominating forces of slavery and death…. The call of Jesus to discipleship is not merely a moral call to a really, really difficult way of living for the sake of becoming virtuous. Rather it is a call that fundamentally challenges the conventional metaphysics of violence whereby we construe the entire shape of the cosmos.”


Teresita said...

To become a disciple of Jesus, you must be willing to let all your possessions and family ties go. Jesus had a number of disciples, and they became Apostles on Pentecost day. Obeying the Great Commission they went out to make more disciples in every nation. When the Apostles died, you didn't hear about disciples anymore. So all we have now is parishioners.

Erin said...

it's a great post, I've adapted it for my church. Very similar in its expression to Willard's "Divine Conspiracy."

Antondoria26 said...

what a nice ideas

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