Monday 16 July 2007

Gerd Lüdemann on Benedict XVI

Jim West alerts us to Gerd Lüdemann’s forthcoming book, Das Jesusbild des Papstes (July 2007), which offers a detailed critique of Benedict XVI’s recent Jesus of Nazareth. Jim also provides us with a sneak preview of Lüdemann’s epilogue (in English translation), entitled “Ten Objections to Joseph Ratzinger’s Book on Jesus.” These “ten objections” make it clear that Lüdemann’s critique is concerned not only with historical method, but also with church doctrine.

Anyway, the publishers are sending me a copy of Lüdemann’s book, and I’ll be posting a review when it arrives. I’ll try both to evaluate his criticisms of Benedict, and to offer some general remarks about the strengths and weaknesses of the pope’s book. If you haven’t yet read Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth, I’d encourage you to check it out.


derek said...


At your advice, i went and picked up Jesus of Nazareth, and am enjoying it.

Thanks for the advice.

Anonymous said...


I look forward to reading your review. I'm saving mine for the end of the month but for now I will say that I feel almost like I've missed the boat on this one. I really can't see why so many Christians seem so enamoured with this book. I regularly found it more frustrating than inspiring. Perhaps you can change my mind?


I also look forward to the review. Thanks for your work.


Anonymous said...

After 2000 years what do we really know about Saint Jesus of Galilee?

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