Friday 20 July 2007

Another late night at Hogwarts

The great day has finally arrived. I doubt I’ll be getting much sleep tonight….


Anonymous said...

A great day indeed, Ben. I haven't been this excited since boxing day 2003 when "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" was first screened in Australian cinemas!

Ben Myers said...

G'day Doctor Dan -- how nice to hear from you! Yes, it's damn good stuff. And in this instance, Australia is truly "the lucky country" -- while our English friends have to stay up till midnight to get a copy, here we can wake up around 8 am, enjoy a quiet breakfast and coffee, and head lazily down to the bookstore for the 9.00 release.

Incidentally, while we were lining up for a copy at Angus & Robertson this morning, our clever Felicity won the prize for her picture of an owl in a witch's hat -- so, thanks to this prize, our house is now covered in little Harry Potter stickers as well....

Anonymous said...

My oldest daughter, Molly, will receive Deathly Hollows for her birthday today. (Her 12th b-day is actually Wed., the 25th, but we will be at the summer conference of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America.) UPS delivered it on-time. Now, I just have to be patient until she is finished--same as with earlier volumes.

Oh, I took one of those internet quiz things (see my blog) and had the disturbing revelation that my "Potter alter ego" is Ginny Weasley. It could be worse. I could have been pegged as Umbridge, I guess. :-)

Jonathan Marlowe said...

My wife went out at midnight on Friday and bought two copies. One for her and one for me. Each could not wait while the other read - the sin of impatience.

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