Tuesday 3 July 2007

Describing trinitarian theologians

Halden has posted an entertaining list describing trinitarian theologians. He has come up with so many clever descriptions that I can hardly think of anything to add. But here are a few possible additions:

Bruce McCormack: the most actualistic trinitarian
Edward Schillebeeckx: the most sacramental trinitarian
Rowan Williams: the most grammatical trinitarian
Hendrikus Berkhof: the most modalistic trinitarian
Bernard Lonergan: the most scholastic trinitarian
Gerhard Ebeling: the most Schleiermacherian trinitarian
E. L. Mascall: the most analogical trinitarian
Kim Fabricius: the most concise trinitarian
Wolfhart Pannenberg: the best trinitarian


Anonymous said...

I notice that neither of you include Elizabeth A. Johnson, although Halden does include Catherine LaCugna.
I think Sallie McFague is even more modalistic than Berkhof.

Jordan Barrett said...

Paul Molnar: the most immanent trinitarian???

Halden said...

Great additions, Ben! I'm kicking myself for not including Rowan Williams, given how much I love his theology. I probably would have labeled him the most disspossessing or kenotic trinitarian (Kenotic in the best possible sense).

And Michael, the only reason that I did't include Johnson was that I honestly haven't read her main book yet. But she does deserve a place on the list.

Anonymous said...

Halden, my wife (Rev. Kate Westmoreland-White when she's being formal) likes to say that she keeps in Trinitarian focus by placing LaCugna on her Right and Johnson on her Left! :-)

Read Johnson--she is a better writer than many on these lists!

Halden said...

I have met Johnson and bought books from her (I think she was the only prof at her school allowed to smoke all day in her office). And yes, I will indeed read her book.

byron smith said...

Jesus Christ: the most trinitarian trinitarian.

David W. Congdon said...

Ben, do you really think that Pannenberg is the "best" trinitarian? When one thinks about Pannenberg, the Trinity is not what comes to mind first for most. What about Pannenberg's doctrine of the Trinity earns this description?

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