Wednesday 31 August 2005

Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference

This is the great week of the Eleventh Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference. Alas, I was unable to go; but Mike Bird has been kind enough to send me email updates about the conference. He has also posted summaries of both the first day and the second day of the conference. For Mike, the main highlights included Bruce McCormack’s Barthian critique of open theism, D. A. Carson’s discussion of the wrath of God, and N. T. Wright’s summary of his Christian Origins project.


Anonymous said...


My name is derek and i'm a graduate student in bible/theology @ friends university.

Professor Kettler is quite the Barth/Torrance/Anderson fan and i'm enjoying (& wrestling!) with them all. I find myself persuaded a little more most days that they are on to something.

Anyway, i wanted to first of all tell you that i love your blog! Professor Kettler mentioned it in class a couple of months ago, and i'm hooked. It is one of the best i've seen. I learn alot from it, so thanks.

Second, i was unable to look at the critique of Openness Theology from a Barthian perspective from the links on this post. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. Although i am no longer a strong proponent of OT (in large part to Barthian epistemology inlfuencing me), i still find it to be intriguing and i see a lot of commonalities between it and Barthianism (eg God's self-limitation, Christ-centered approach). I would like to do a lot of work bringing these two schools of thought together to see how they enrich and ciritique each other.

Anyway thanks for the work you do Ben. I hope to hear from you soon.


Ben Myers said...

Hi Derek. Thanks for your comment -- it's great to hear from you. The paper on Barth and open theism isn't available online -- but it will be published next year in a collection of essays edited by Bruce McCormack (published by Baker). I've got a copy of the paper, and I could ask the author if it would be okay to forward you a copy. If you're interested, send me an email.

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