Tuesday 9 August 2005

Books on Eberhard Jüngel

Although English-language scholarship has not yet given Eberhard Jüngel the attention he deserves, there is a small and growing list of books on his theology. The best introduction is still John B. Webster, Eberhard Jüngel: An Introduction to His Theology (1989), and Webster has also edited an excellent collection of essays, entitled The Possibilities of Theology: Studies in the Theology of Eberhard Jüngel (1995). Less important, but still well worth reading, are Roland Spjuth, Creation, Contingency and Divine Presence in the Theologies of Thomas F. Torrance and Eberhard Jüngel (1995); and Roland Zimany, Vehicle for God: The Metaphorical Theology of Eberhard Jüngel (1994). More recently, there is a large section on Jüngel in the new volume by Mark C. Mattes, The Role of Justification in Contemorary Theology (2004).

And I think the most acute study to date is Paul J. DeHart’s fine monograph, Beyond the Necessary God: Trinitarian Faith and Philosophy in the Thought of Eberhard Jüngel (2000). This is a very profound analysis of some of the deepest dimensions of Jüngel’s theology. Let’s hope that the English-language engagement with Jüngel continues to develop in the coming years.

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