Saturday 30 May 2009

Quote for Pentecost

“It is the Spirit’s work to draw what might otherwise be a cacophonic disunity into symphony. The Spirit worked to transcribe God’s music for playing on the human instrument of Jesus of Nazareth; the Spirit now works to orchestrate that theme for an ensemble of billions.”

—Mike Higton, Christian Doctrine, (SCM 2008), 161.


John Hartley said...

The job of X is to ... always makes me wonder if we're about to hear a blame-ascribing formula? In this case to excuse the cacophony by saying that the players cannot be blamed for not following the conductor's unclear beat?

Please could you reassure us by telling us that Mike Higton recognises that it is our human fallibility that gets in the way of the ensenble's harmony, and shortcomings in the performance cannot be blamed solely on the Holy Spirit?

Yours in Christ - JOHN HARTLEY.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Holy Spirit writes scores like John Tavaner - so unlike anything anyone has ever seen (or heard)it requires the Holy Spirit to manifest it...

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