Tuesday 26 May 2009

The preface makes a comeback...

After our recent discussion of Barth’s missing prefaces, the good folks at T&T Clark have come up with a remedy: anyone who buys the set will also get access to a digitised version of all the prefaces. (Eventually you’ll also get a digitisation of all the individual indexes.) Nice work, T&T!


Sandra said...

This is such great news. I had an e-mail from Christian Books.com TODAY to say that my 31 volumes have just been shipped, and the next thing I see is the F&T post. Thank you.

roger flyer said...

The power of blog.

gbroughto said...

thanks Ben,

My new set arrived yesterday.
The funny thing is, I went to the website to register, and in the 'select country' (which is a required field), Australia is missing from the drop-down menu...
So a snail-mail registration it must be.

Although T&T are well aware of F&T and who Ben Myers is, they appear not intimate the land down under. The power of the blog, indeed.

Nice work T&T? Well, kinda

Tom Kraft said...

Hi gbroughto,

how weird... We will fix this asap.


roger flyer said...

Ben, please get on the horn to T & T to fix mr gbroughto's claim this afternoon before tea...or is it beer down under?

gbroughto said...

Mr Flyer, sir
"Beer o'clock" is "knock off" (closing) time, which would fit somewhere between afternoon tea and high tea.

gbroughto said...

@Tom - thanks..now I can add an unreserved amen to Ben's "nice work T & T"

Tom Kraft said...


Fat said...

It's beer o'clock somewhere in the world right now.

An ice-cold schooner of Resches is always welcome.

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