Tuesday 28 October 2008

Around the traps


Shane said...

>>Choice, bro.

I thought you were living in New Jersey, not California.

Ben Myers said...

They say "Choice bro" in California now? They must have picked it up from the Kiwis...

Anonymous said...

what does it mean? or, like so many colloquialisms, is its definition too broad or diverse to be nailed down?

Ben Myers said...

Hi Anon. Here's the definition from Answers.com:

Choice is also used as a word in New Zealand slang to describe something, or a situation, as being good. It may have originated from the Victorian English used in colonial times, where the word choice was used formally to describe the quality of traded goods. As modern slang, it became popular in the 1980s and is still in use today. Example of usage as slang: "I think that song is really choice."

So in other words, "Choice, bro" is roughly equivalent to "Cool, man."

Anonymous said...

Is Political Theology II worth reading?

Richard said...

Is Political Theology II worth reading?

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