Saturday 29 September 2007

Alister McGrath in Brisbane

If you’re in the Brisbane area, you might like to come along and hear Alister McGrath on Monday night. He’ll be giving an evening lecture on “The Bankruptcy of Atheism”.


Sam Charles Norton said...

So - anyone going to ask him about Wycliffe, or is that a naughty suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Coincidentally, in today's Independent, a leading UK broadsheet, Richard Dawkins, miffed at the accusation of bullying for picking on the theologically illiterate, refers to the current Principal of Wycliffe Hall as a legitimately academically credible opponent. I have myself just written to the Independent suggesting that if Dawkins really wants to pick on someone his own size, he should enter the ring with Wycliffe's former Principal, replete with his PhD in molecular biophysics, who has referred to the neo-Darwinist Rottweiler's atheism as "tacked onto his evolutionary biology with intellectual velcro."

Sam Charles Norton said...

Hi Kim - RD has had extensive debates with Alister - see here. Hate to say it, but I think RD comes out of that one the winner on points (I suspect you'd do a bit better!)

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