Saturday 14 April 2007

Lord Jesus Christ, your mighty resurrection

A hymn by Kim Fabricius

(Tune: Charterhouse)

Lord Jesus Christ, your mighty resurrection
    fills us with overwhelming joy and fear,
as you begin your world-wide insurrection,
    and lead the way as faith’s great pioneer.

Your cross proclaims the depths of our corruption,
    your empty tomb the heights of grace sublime,
your risen power causes an eruption
    of love exploding out through space and time.

You lived a life of challenge, trust and service,
    you suffered death in doubt and agony,
you live again and stride ahead with purpose,
    and bring your friends along for company.

As risen Lord, you call us all to mission,
    embracing people, creatures, earth and stars,
you give to each a personal commission
    to share your healing as we bear your scars.

Exalted Christ, the victim’s vindication,
    we follow in the slipstream you release,
propelled by promise of the new creation
    when the whole universe will be at peace.

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Anonymous said...


Out from death’s dark womb
Christ is born again into the world.
He has not banished death, but redeemed her -
He comes forth as the first-fruit of the illuminated night.

He has reclaimed His own and awakened his sleeping brethren.
All throng about him when he appears,
the first light to cut through the gloom since time began.

There is not one he turns away,
for looking at each face He remembers
the choice He made with the Father and the Spirit
to add to the universe each created being.

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