Sunday 22 April 2007

A lecture by Rowan Williams

A few days ago, Rowan Williams was in Toronto, and he gave a lecture on “The Bible: Reading and Hearing.” The full text is available online – it’s a profound and brilliant theological meditation on the place of biblical interpretation within the eucharistic life of the church. Here’s an excerpt:

“[T]he ‘time’ in which we hear Scripture is not like ordinary time. We are contemporary with events remote in history; we are caught up in the time of recitation, when we are to reimagine ourselves. For this moment, we exist simply as listeners, suspending our questions while the question is put to us of how we are to speak afresh about ourselves.”


michael jensen said...

Hmm: I think it is good, but I don't know about profound and brilliant...

Ben Myers said...

Hi Michael -- good to hear from you; welcome back from your holiday. If "profound and brilliant" doesn't work for you, perhaps we could agree on "reflective and insightful"...?

michael jensen said...

Great to be back! I guess I am happy with that description, though all I think he ended up saying was 'we have to read the text in context' as if this was news. Maybe it is to some!

The Angry Theologian said...

Good Stuff.

I'm also glad to see he has time to give lectures while his communion is tearing itself to shreds.

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