Sunday 25 March 2007

Conference: Hermeneutics and the Authority of Scripture

In November, the Australasian Theological Forum will be hosting its sixth “Task of Theology Today Colloquium.” This year’s conference is entitled “Hermeneutics and the Authority of Scripture,” and it will be held in Canberra from 23 to 26 November 2007.

The keynote speakers are Francis Watson (who will present two papers: “Hermeneutics and the Doctrine of Scripture” and “Towards a Theological Evaluation of Non-Canonical Gospels”), Terence Fretheim (who will speak on “Biblical Authority and Problematic Old Testament Images of God”), and William Loader (who will speak on “Approaching the New Testament as Source of Faith and Witness to Faith”).

There will also be a series of workshop-style electives organised around the three themes of “Practising Exegesis,” “The Creed and the Bible,” and “Current Research.” And there will be a public forum discussing the use of authoritative scriptures in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The conference website isn’t up yet, but you can download a brochure here, which includes details for registration and submission of abstracts. I’m sure it will be an excellent event – perhaps I’ll see you there!


Thuloid said...
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::aaron g:: said...

Thanks for this information Ben.

Uncle Les said...

This sounds really interesting. I'll get saving.

Anonymous said...

Francis Watson - you lucky Aussies!

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