Wednesday 5 July 2006

Kurt Anders Richardson: Reading Karl Barth

Thanks to Baker Academic for kindly sending me a complimentary copy of Kurt Anders Richarson’s Reading Karl Barth: New Directions for North American Theology, to review for Faith & Theology. I’m reading the book at the moment, and I’ll post some comments about it within the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

It's quite an interesting book, Ben. It argues that the hermeneutical key for understanding CD is reading it "back-to-front" through the "lens" of CD IV/4. Along the way Richardson engages the best of contemporary Barth exegetes (Jüngel, Webster, McCormack), tackles the question of Barth and postmodernity (Levinas, Derrida, Ward), spends some serious time with Barth's doctrine of baptism, and has some interesting asides as well (e.g. on Charlotte von Kirschbaum: "it must be said that the work of Karl Barth is the product of not one but two theologians").

However, I must admit that I remember the book most of all because of the context in which I read it: post-Easter 2005 on a beach in Antigua! "A real sand-and-sun thriller!" my wife mocked me. "It is," I replied, completely deadpan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage.


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