Tuesday 24 January 2006

Here and there

I have recently discovered a beautifully-designed Catholic blog called Even the Devils Believe, which I have made the new blog of the week.

On other fronts, Jared Coleman has conducted an excellent blog-interview with the brilliant theologian Miroslav Volf (thanks to Connexions for the tip). JoBloggs has a very moving post about a letter to Charles Wesley from his wife Sally, while Jim West alerts us to an important new book on fundamental theology, and Mike Bird announces that he is getting his own first book published with T&T Clark/Continuum.

Meanwhile, Chris Tilling has been contemplating prison for the sake of Barth’s Church Dogmatics (is there any better reason to go to prison?). And Tyler Williams is organising the second Biblical Studies Carnival for February 1—please see his call for submissions.

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