Friday 14 October 2005

Rapture index

Just when you thought dispensationalism couldn’t get any sillier.... You’ll have to see it to believe it. (Thanks to Chris Tilling for this one.)


Michael F. Bird said...

You mean you have only just "now" discovered the rapture index!

I thought you had it hyperlinked to Faith/Theology.

Jim said...

Hahahaha... That's funny Michael. And thanks Ben- that's fun stuff there!

Anonymous said...'s quite sad that people actually go along with such a naive reading of the Bible. If read for entertainment, the website is hilarious - but what's sad is that so many people take it seriously.

Ben Myers said...

"... but what's sad is that so many people take it seriously." Well said. In such cases you can only laugh or cry.

Chris Tilling said...

I usually laugh. But what most bothers me is the world-negating implications of much rapture thinking. i.e. 'We don't need to bother ourselves with matters such as world poverty, the rape of the environment etc. because it's all going to be destroyed and 'left behind' anyway'.
Then I suppose I should cry.

Ben Myers said...

I agree, Chris. The decisive theological refutation of every rapture-theory is: "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." Precisely on such theological grounds (and not only out of a fear of heights), all Christians should protest and insist that we too wish to be "left behind"!

Chris Tilling said...

and I thought it was all about your fear of heights ...

Anonymous said...

It's not only sad, bonkers, risible, this rapture nonsense is downright dangerous, as it informs the thinking (sic) of much of the Religious Right with its Christian Zionism and its power-political influence on US policy in Israel/Palestine.

Anonymous said...

All this business of laughing at 'the rapture' is really a way of disgusing a belief that you don't want the state of Israel to exist. I know this type of person; they're easy to see through.

You know full-well that plenty of Christians support the state of Israel and aren't into dispensationalism, especially not the most silly variety.
The foundation of the state of Israel was supported by a number of *liberal* protestant theologians with no dispensational tendencies like Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich, and later Martin Luther King called anti-Zionism anti-semitism.

What some of you lot need is nothing so much as to get over yourselves and get used to the existence of the state of Israel as a Jewish state.

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