Saturday 15 October 2005

Quote of the day

“The address of the Christian proclamation, however, is something that a man cannot say to himself. He must always let it be said to him, for he cannot carry its truth around with him as a possession.... If it is faith that grasps Christian truth, then it is a truth that must be grasped again and again anew—and, to be sure, with a struggle; for it is not a truth that is ‘evident,’ but a truth that is paradoxical, a scandal for the ‘natural’ man.”

—Rudolf Bultmann, “General Truths and Christian Proclamation,” in History and Hermeneutic, ed. Robert W. Funk (New York: Harper, 1967), p. 157.


existentialist said...

Hi Ben,
This quote blows my mind, you know that? What Christian tradition is this author from?

Ben Myers said...

Hi Oly. Bultmann was a German New Testament scholar in the Lutheran tradition. He was one of the most influential Christian scholars of the 20th century.

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