Tuesday 8 December 2009

Theology of money

The AUFS crew have commenced their next book event, this time focusing on Philip Goodchild's Theology of Money. Here are the posts so far:

1. Power
2. The end of modernity
3. Ecology of money
4. Politics of money
5. Theology of money


Anonymous said...


I recently came across a marvelous little book on this topic recently.

It is only 177 pages and blessedly free of any "theology" (although the author does refer with approval to Spe Salvi twice)

It is titled "the Barbaric Heart: Faith, Money, and the Crisis of Nature" by Curtis White.

It was originally featured on the equally marvelous, truly conservative, Orion Magazine website. Wendell Berry's home-base.

Anonymous said...

Why do you say "blessedly free of any "theology"? If you are saying such because you are assuming that Goodchild's book is a conservative view on how to view money theologically, then I recommend that you check out the posts. You might be surprised...

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