Wednesday 7 October 2009

I wish I had a suntan; I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine


Robert said...

Whoah, sudden flood of traffic... Thanks for the link, Ben!

Andrew Esqueda said...

The keep your pipes lit video is from one of my professors in undergrad. It is the daughter of Dr. Adam Neder. If you haven't you should also check out his new book on Karl Barth, "Participation in Christ: An Entry into Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics." Thanks for running a great blog Ben.

Ben Myers said...

Oh, I didn't know this was Adam's daughter. Adam's an excellent scholar — in fact, I'll be reviewing his new book here shortly.

Anonymous said...


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Andrew Esqueda said...

Ben, that is great that you will be reviewing his book here shortly. He is a great scholar and was an excellent example and mentor for me. I haven't had a chance to read his book yet because of my course reading load, but it is on my list of books to read. I'll look forward to reading your book review.

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