Tuesday 17 February 2009

The bus caption winner

The people have spoken! And Andrew is the winner of our bus sign contest. His caption won a decisive victory, with 29% of the votes. Here’s the winning bus sign:

And I think Dan deserves a runner-up prize for his wonderful sign (which came in second, with 15% of the votes):

The prizes come courtesy of the kind folks at IVP Academic – so Andrew and Dan can each email me to choose one of the following books:

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Anonymous said...

The winning bus sign is unbelievably boring - how could that POSSIBLY have beaten the recycling one and the economy one?! (Even if we're supposed to treat it like the classic intro to philosophy of language conundrum [when the teacher writes on the chalkboard on the first day of class, "This statement is false"], it's boring because irrelevant to the atheist bus sign.)

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