Thursday 7 August 2008

Milton in Brisbane, and other events

Here in Brisbane, I’ve been organising a symposium to mark the 400th anniversary of Milton’s birth. If you’re in the area, you might like to come along either to the public lecture (next Thursday) or to the day of public readings from Milton’s works (next Sunday). One of our visiting speakers, Stephen Fallon, will also be featured tomorrow in the Weekend Australian, and in next Wednesday’s excellent radio program, Late Night Live.

There’ll be plenty more Miltoniana in New Zealand as well, with another Milton conference this December. And if you still want more of the Reformed tradition, there are some good upcoming conferences on Schleiermacher, John Owen, and Herman Bavinck.


Unknown said...

If you can just keep Fallon away from harping on Milton's supposed Arminianism, you'll be okay…

Ben Myers said...

Hi Chris. "Supposed Arminianism"? Well, Milton is much more than an Arminian, but he's certainly not less! (Arminianism would be far too orthodox for his tastes.) And no one understands this better than Fallon: his stuff on Milton's theology is about as good as it gets.

Unknown said...

Hello, Ben.

Well, Fallon certainly is one among a good handful of elucidating Miltonists. I just think he's not quite on spot with respect to Milton's soteriology (practically casting him as a reincarnated Arminius). But, then, I don't think Milton's as ingenious or "proto-Barthian" as you do, either ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben
Some weeks ago I recall seeing Tom Altizer's name being thrown around. I seem to recall that Altizer used Milton as one of the voices in his epic tale of Christian theology. I guess you're familiar with the comments on Milton sprinkled throughout his work.

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