Monday 22 January 2007

A note from Cancun

There won’t be much posting here for a couple of days, as I make the long journey home from Cancun to Brisbane. The conference here has been very helpful, and it has been especially good to meet so many interesting people, including some brilliant younger theological scholars like Dirk Evers, LeRon Shults and Jamie Smith.

Anyway, to conclude my time here I’ve been sitting on the beach drinking Piña Coladas and reading Schleiermacher. So, for your enjoyment and edification, I’ll post a couple more Schleiermacher quotes before I head off to the airport. Adiós.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ben, you'd better watch your beach reading when you get home. A holiday on Cephalonia a few years ago almost ended in divorce when my wife caught me reading Karl Barth - Rudolf Bultmann: Letters 1922-1966. Which actually dwarfs into insignificance compared to my beach reading on Mikanos on our honeymoon in '82: The Darkness of God: Theology after Hiroshima: it still contains sand Angie threw at it!

byron smith said...

Did you get to talk to JKA Smith about Pannenberg?

byron smith said...

...And may your return trip be smooth and homecoming joyous.

::aaron g:: said...

Great quotes...thanks.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Does Schleiermacher read differently while on the beach drinking piña coladas?

I suspect he might…

Ben Myers said...

"Does Schleiermacher read differently while on the beach drinking piña coladas?" -- oh yes, it really helps you to be sensitised to the feeling of absolute dependence.

Yes, Byron, I had a nice chat with Smith about Pannenberg. I was especially interested to learn about his current research -- he's doing a lot of work on the relationship between phenomenology and science, and he's also working on some constructive theology from a Pentecostal perspective. All great stuff!

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