Wednesday 10 January 2007

Books for Byron

Many thanks to all of you who so generously responded to my friendly appeal. It was humbling to see so many people joining together in this way. One person even donated the Amazon gift voucher that his daughter had given him for Christmas – he and his daughter agreed that there would be “no greater joy” than to pass the gift on to Byron.

Anyway, we’ve raised much more than I had anticipated – the total is:


So we’ll let Byron choose some new books to that value, and I’ll tell you later which books he has chosen. Thanks again for your kindness and generosity – and thanks above all for your prayers for Byron’s full and speedy recovery.


One of Freedom said...

That is awesome! Bless you Byron. And thanks Ben for organizing this. I can't wait to hear what he chooses, I looked through his Amazon list and there was some juicy stuff in there.

T.B. Vick said...

This is great news!! I browsed through Byrons list as well, and there was some great selections. God bless you Byron.

byron smith said...

A huge thanks to Ben and everyone who contributed. I am humbled at God's generosity through his people and will start making some selections. I'll let you know what I pick.

michael jensen said...

See if you can pick a list with no NTWright titles on it!

bet you can't!


Chris Tilling said...

See if you can pick a list with only NT Wright titles on it!

byron smith said...

Michael and Chris - I've taken the advice of one of you, but I'll wait to reveal which until I can confirm one or two more options...

One of Freedom said...

The tension is killing me Byron.


I want to know if you made the Wright choice or not. :-D


Chris Tilling said...

Wrighteous Byron will make the Wright choice, no fear.

One of Freedom said...

Wright on!

I love your optimism Chris! You have got the Wright stuff!

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