Saturday 6 January 2007

A friendly appeal

You might have heard that our friend Byron has been having a hard time lately. A few weeks ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. So while most of us have been relaxing over Christmas and the New Year, this cheerful 28-year-old has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy (and I for one have been deeply moved by the patient trust and joyful hope with which he has faced all this).

Perhaps, as an expression of friendly solidarity, we could join together to get Byron a couple of books from his Amazon wishlist. If several of us each gave a dollar or two, we could easily raise enough to send him something nice to read during those unpleasant hours at the hospital.

Update: Thanks to everyone who generously responded to this appeal. To see the total amount raised, click here.


Anonymous said...

A fantastic idea. However, I have just clicked on the link and the link is not working, it has left a message asking to come back later so i presume it is just a temporary glitch.

Ben Myers said...

Yes, sorry about that -- it looks as though PayPal has a temporary glitch. So please try back a little later!

Ben Myers said...

Okay, sorry about that -- it was actually a glitch in the icon. I've fixed it now, and it's all working fine.

T.B. Vick said...

Hey Ben,

I had no trouble with it at all - and that was about an hour or so ago.

Anonymous said...

No problem either.


One of Freedom said...

Sweet, what a great expression of love for theologs to show!

byron smith said...

I'm really touched and humbled. Thank you each, and thanks Ben in particular. Your creativity and generosity are a blessing God regularly use to bless others and this is yet another example.

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