Thursday 21 December 2006

Theology from a four-year-old

While my wife and four-year-old daughter were taking a walk, they saw a dead bird on the path, which led to this conversation:

—“Mind you don’t step on the dead bird, darling.”
—“A dead bird? Do birds die? Just like humans?”
—“Yes, bird die too. Everything that’s living has to die – even grass, flowers, trees. They all die eventually.”
—“But was Jesus the only one who died and rose again, so that now he’ll never ever ever have to die?”
—“That’s right.”
—“And how could he rise again? Was it because he’s bigger than anything else in the whole wide world?”
—“Yes, that’s right.”
Long pause, then:
—“So how could he die?”


Anonymous said...

And . . . So what was your wife's answer, Ben? "Wait til we get home and ask Daddy"? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

I am just wondering... I subscribed from this blog using my gmail address. I noticed that there is a discrepancy in your postings here and the posts i am receiving in my inbox, there are 6 more posts there that don't appear here.

Happy Christmas!

Ben Myers said...

Hi Joey -- are they older posts, with earlier dates? I've just switched to the New Blogger, so I've gone back and re-published several older posts (adding labels). Perhaps that was the cause of the confusion...?

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