Wednesday 20 December 2006

Reformed Theological Review

The new issue of the Reformed Theological Review 65:3 (2006) is dominated by theology-bloggers. Mike Bird has an article on “‘A Light to the Nations’ (Isaiah 42:6 and 49:6): Inter-textuality and Mission Theology in the Early Church” (pp. 122-31). And Michael Jensen writes about “The Genesis of Hell: Eternal Torment in the Consciousness of Early Christianity” (pp. 132-48). The reviews section also includes my review of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 2.

Michael Jensen’s article about hell is excellent; it concludes with the observation that “Christians have since very early days appealed to Hell and depicted Hell in ways quite unknown in the witness of their own Scriptures, and have at times drawn a perverse comfort from the imagined spectacle of the suffering of others” (p. 148).


michael jensen said...

hey thanks Ben!
When I submitted it to the Harvard Theological Review, they were less enthusiastic, alas...


David W. Congdon said...

I was just reading this issue at the Barth Center while I was working on Thursday (yes, I was working by reading!), but I completely failed to take notice of the names. I, too, found the article on hell to be quite excellent. Great stuff, Michael!

Ross Webb said...

Can someone give me an idea how I could subscribe (easily) to the RTR?

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