Monday 4 December 2006

The drama of liturgy

“A liturgy, whether long or short, complicated or simple, either hangs together as a dramatic performance or has no coherence at all. Lamentably, the latter is very much the state of much of what one experiences in contemporary pews. I do not know if the sheer miscellaneous character of our would-be liturgies is a reason why people decreasingly attend them, but it would be a reason why I did not, were I not driven by fear of divine retribution....

“Those who stay away and the congregations who try to attract them agree in one perception: nothing much happens in our churches of a Sunday morning. But what is supposed to happen? I suggest that much of our difficulty is that we have forgotten that the Christ-drama is supposed to happen, in whatever high, low or intermediate sort of production.”

—Robert W. Jenson, “Christ as Culture 3: Christ as Drama,” International Journal of Systematic Theology 6:2 (2004), pp. 199-200.

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