Tuesday 6 June 2006

Systematic theology world cup

Our friend Patrik is hosting the inaugural World Cup of Systematic Theologians. You need to leave a comment here, nominating your favourite twentieth-century theologians for the contest. You might want to consider nominating one of our sadly marginalised English-language dogmaticians like T. F. Torrance, Robert W. Jenson, John Macquarrie, Stanley Grenz or Colin Gunton.


Patrik said...

I'm aware of the lack of english-speaking writers. I can't help I have been trained mostly in the German tradition... I'm sure the starting field for the 21th century theologians will look very different.

There are no finns either, if that is a consolation...

Ben Myers said...

Don't worry, Patrik, there are no hard feelings: anyone who reads "Faith and Theology" will know that English-language theologians are also marginalised on this blog! I'm just trying as hard as possible to get Robert Jenson on to your list....


Fred said...

I thought Macquarrie was pretty interesting, but I expected a little bit more from the systematic theology class at my Jesuit univ.

One of Freedom said...

Are you kidding - I'm going to go vote Moltmann all the way. Yeah baby!

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