Wednesday 29 April 2009

New books on Karl Barth

Lately I’ve received copies of some very nice new books on Barth – including the following:

And here are three forthcoming volumes to look out for in the coming months:


Erin said...

I'm excited for Chung's book. Halden has already left a review on Amazon. Looking good.

Matt Jenson said...

i've read big chunks of gignilliat's book. wonderful stuff. it's JUST the kind of study of theological exegesis in action that i want. gignilliat's a biblical scholar who knows the historical-critical issues but is always mindful of the theological orientation of barth's work.

Anonymous said...

Matt, nice plug for a guy you went to St.Mary's with! It almost came across like you knew the guy by his book alone.
Phil Temlin

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