Sunday 7 December 2008

On children and technology

My six-year-old daughter told me that she is old enough now for her own laptop. I explained that we didn’t even have computers when I was growing up. “Wow,” she replied. “So how did you send your emails?”


John H said...

Our eldest asked exactly the same question when he was about four. It was at around the same time that he asked, "What are telephone boxes for?"

Bob said...

Ditto on this. I loved when my two year old, barely able to speak, requested an ipod for her birthday.

Chad said...

A little off-topic ... last night my four-year-old daughter informed me that Christmas isn't just about "the fun stuff"; it's about Jesus' birthday too.

Anonymous said...

Ben, wont Uncle Kevin and Auntie Julia give her one next year when she returns to Australia? ;-)

Anonymous said...

My little sister asked what emails were, given that there were males and females. Good question.

Ben Myers said...

Mark, that's a good point! In fact, Uncle Kevin and Auntie Julia will be giving us enough money to get each of our kids a new laptop — unless their negligent parents spend it all on a holiday instead, or on theology books...

Anonymous said...

Now that's a good auntie and uncle!
Not so much

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