Monday 12 November 2007

Barth and Paul: my SBL paper

On Friday afternoon I’ll be presenting my SBL paper on Barth’s interpretation of Paul: “From Faithfulness to Faith in the Theology of Karl Barth.”

Update: I’ve taken the paper down from the web, but the final revised version will be published in a Paternoster volume in 2008.


Jon said...

Thanks for this Ben! It'll be pretty useful for my dissertation as I have a brief section looking at pistis in Jungel. Can you point me in the direction of any of the discussion between Barth/Bultmann reagrding pistis which leads Barth to term Bultmann's theology as 'pisteology'? Thanks mate. Good luck on Friday - give it some beans as we English say.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on Friday, and thanks for sharing this with us. I'm looking forward to reading it.

derek said...

Thanks so much for this Ben; i'm especially interested to see your engagement with Torrance's Meidation of Christ and comparing it with Barth-I'm reading this work from Torrance right now.

Thanks again.

derek said...

Ben, one more thing: I want to warn you that my professor talked quite a bit about your paper tonight. He didn't agree with you on many things, particularly your view of Torrance. He was not rude or disrespectful, but since he was Torrance's TA, you should be ready to engage him on that.

Isn't the internet great; you have dissenters before you have even presented!

Ben Myers said...

Thanks for the warning, Derek (*gulp*). Naturally I don't expect many people to agree with my reading of Torrance — and perhaps your professor will persuade me that I'm wrong!

Jon, I don't have any details to hand regarding Barth's critique of Bultmann. But (if you'll pardon me for all this self-promotion!) my article in the next issue of IJST discusses Barth's criticisms of Bultmann's view of "faith", and I argue that Barth completely misunderstood Bultmann. I'd be happy to send you a copy of that paper if you think it might be helpful.

Jon said...


That would be amazing. Thanks so much for your help. (jonmackenzie-at-gmail-dot-com)

I'm forever in your debt ;-)

Weekend Fisher said...

I have to agree that "from faith to faith" (in the topic sentence of letter to the Romans) talks about our trust in God being a mirror-image of his trustworthiness. I wonder in what context you consider Barth's understanding to be revolutionary?

If you tie that reading of "faith" in to Paul's Mars Hill speech in Acts (in Greek; 'God has given "faith" to all men' by raising Christ from the dead.), it shows why Lutherans are sometimes accused of quasi-universalism ...

Take care & God bless

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. Most people who try to be faithful to Jesus via Paul are radical, even when they have major disagreements. Barth is no exception. Thanks for this, it is a lot to chew on, especially since I have a major paper on the greek text of Romans 5 due in 72 hours.

J. Matthew Barnes said...

You did a great job on Friday, Ben. I was very impressed with your paper and quite convinced of the points you argued. Of everyone on the panel, you delivered your paper the best. You maintained great eye contact and lightened the mood where appropriate. You also handled the questions well, some of which were tough indeed. Thanks for making your paper available as well!

Too bad we didn't get to meet -- you seem like a kindred spirit...even if I'm a NT guy!

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