Friday 5 October 2007

Oswald Bayer (and Jüngel?) in translation

Many of you will be familiar with Jeff Cayzer’s brilliant and vigorous translation of Eberhard Jüngel’s Justification (T&T Clark, 2001). Jeff has now also completed a translation of Oswald Bayer’s important work, Freedom in Response (Oxford UP, 2007), and he has also recently translated an old German study on the Lord’s Supper for an SBL series (Albert Eichhorn, The Lord’s Supper in the New Testament – this will be released at AAR/SBL in San Diego).

Jeff is especially keen to translate more of Eberhard Jüngel’s essays – but it sounds as though British publishers are no longer able to fund this kind of work (I suspect the German government is no longer subsidising the translation costs). It would be a fine thing to see more of Jüngel’s essays translated. He is an essayist par excellence – his best work is in this genre, and many of his best essays haven’t yet been translated.

So does anyone know of any publishers who might be interested in this kind of project? And am I alone in thinking that there is more and more interest in Jüngel these days?


David W. Congdon said...

Jeff asked me last year this same question, and I believe I suggested -- as I will suggest again -- contacting Wipf & Stock. I know (through Halden) that they have been interested in reprinting Jüngel's out-of-print works, so it seems like they are well-suited to publishing new translations.

I certainly hope this works out in the end. The wider Jüngel's readership, the better. And Bayer is excellent as well, I should add.

Anonymous said...

We are currently preparing a translation of J�ngel's Barth-Studien at T&T Clark, but this clearly is a long time project. The Goethe-Institut still subsidises translations, but there is not as much money available as there used to be.

Jon said...

I love Jungel and want to have his babies... Does that count?

Ben Myers said...

Thanks for these comments and suggestions. Tom, I'm delighted to hear that T&T Clark is doing an edition of Jüngel's Barth-Studien -- this is a masterpiece, and it will be great to see it Englished (I reckon the big essay on baptism is among the best essays ever written on Barth).

In other news, I received an encouraging email from another publisher -- so I'll let you know if another Jüngel volume eventuates....

Jon said...

Why don't you translate some Jungel Ben? There is so much which needs translating - I'm working on Jungel's relating of philosophy and theology and there are a number of methodological essays which remain untranslated.

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