Tuesday 10 December 2013

Forty things I like about Christianity

  1. Very old books
  2. The calendar
  3. Getting buried when I die instead of burned or mutilated or set adrift or abandoned or eaten by birds
  4. Luke chapter 1
  5. The abolition of slavery
  6. Always believing (and occasionally even feeling) that I am forgiven and ultimately ok
  7. Going to church
  8. Staying home from church
  9. Christmas carols
  10. Europe
  11. C. S. Lewis
  12. Believing that my dog was created by God and hoping that he will go to heaven too
  13. Clerical vestments
  14. Novels
  15. Evensong, and the ability to see morning and evening as holy
  16. Cappadocian beards (like the one growing on Oliver Crisp)
  17. Russian icons
  18. Very old churches with old bones lovingly planted underneath
  19. Babette's Feast
  20. Gargoyles
  21. America
  22. The love of names, and the belief that names are holy
  23. The sign of the cross
  24. All the women's names, hundreds of them, derived from the Virgin Mary (Mara, Marie, Mariella, Marietta, Marilyn, Marita, Maryanne, Maura, Maurine, May, Mayra, Minnie, Moira, Morag, Muriel…)
  25. Civil law
  26. Italian cooking
  27. Having a lot of other people (billions of them) who will always think of me, no matter what, as a brother
  28. Hospitals
  29. The resurrection of the body and the life of the world to come
  30. Codex Sanaiticus
  31. Being able to read Milton and T. S. Eliot and understand what they are talking about
  32. Old people
  33. People who speak in tongues
  34. The nomina sacra (see #22)
  35. Holy communion (even when I don't deserve it)
  36. Kim Fabricius
  37. People who argue about very old books (see #1)
  38. The habit of seeing normal things, bread and wine and water, as the best and holiest things
  39. Learning how to pray
  40. The meaning of words like grace and love and steadfast love and lovingkindness and mercy and the multitude of thy tender mercies.

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