Tuesday 23 July 2013

Apostles' Creed for liberals

by Kim Fabricius (reposted from Connexions)

I believe in God the Father, Mother, Life-Force,
or whatever metaphor tickles your fancy,
fashioner of heaven and earth from the stuff generated by the Big Bang.

I believe in Jesus of Nazareth, a great guru, a good mate,

who was conceived as anyone is conceived,

born of Mary,

suffered under Pontius Pilates,

was crucified, dead, and buried (or at least dumped on the city rubbish tip);

I repeat – he died.

On the third day – he was still dead, I’m afraid –
but his disciples had fond memories of him.

On the fortieth day – yep, still dead;

his memory entered into yet more hearts,

he is “seated” at the “right hand” of the whomever-or-whatever

(it doesn’t really matter – this is all dispensable archaic imagery),

and he won’t be coming again – think “Norwegian Blue” –

and if he were to come again, he’d be mega-tolerant.

I believe in good, good, good vibrations,

going to church,

goodness in everybody,

forgiving and forgetting,

I don’t know, Nirvana, some kind of memory bank, whatever,
but nothing somatic – yuk!

and the Big Crunch.

That’s a wrap.

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