Monday 17 December 2012

Theological publishing: the best of 2012

I'll soon post my favourite books of 2012. But first, I'd like to nominate the three most important events in current English-language theological publishing. Each of these is a major series that's been running for some time now, with more volumes appearing this year:

New City Press: The Works of Saint Augustine. Not only the most comprehensive English edition, but the most comprehensive edition of Augustine's works ever published in any language. Highlights include Edmund Hill's translation of De Trinitate, Maria Boulding's wonderful Confessions, and the epic six-volume Expositions of the Psalms – an unparalleled Herculean achievement of early biblical commentary.

St Vladimir's Seminary Press: Popular Patristics Series. Over forty volumes are available in this wonderful series of new translations. The volumes are attractive, affordable, very accessible, nearly pocket-size. They're an ideal resource for classes, book groups, or devotional reading. Highlights include Basil the Great on social justice, Gregory the Great's pastoral rule, poetic exegesis of scripture from the Syriac tradition, Symeon the New Theologian's poems on divine eros, and the collected early treatises on the Lord's Prayer.

Fortress Press: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works. The new English translation of the complete 16-volume critical edition of Bonhoeffer's writings. A major feat of contemporary scholarship, and a massive resource for protestant theology. Highlights include the critical edition of Ethics, the huge volume of comprehensive prison writingsTheological Education Underground from the illegal Finkenwalde seminary, and that great work of protestant monasticism (and one of my favourite classroom texts), Life Together.

Note: Speaking of patristic texts, there's a new blog community for reading the church fathers, a few pages each day.

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