Monday 16 May 2011

On humorous book indexes: or, Oliver Crisp strikes again

Today I received my copy of Oliver Crisp's latest, Retrieving Doctrine: Essays in Reformed Theology (IVP 2011). For an extremely important piece of analytic theology, I refer you to the index:

And again:

It's good to see that I have established a reputation for excellence in my field...

Anyways, I also wrote a blurb for the back cover: "Oliver Crisp argues here for the ongoing vitality of several diverse Reformed traditions. He is drawn to the curious, untidy edges of the Reformed tradition, to unexplored (or forgotten) tensions and problems which the tradition has produced. In the midst of these tensions, Crisp finds new possibilities for contemporary theology." Kevin Hector also blurbs it as "an eminently clear, insightful book." So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Terry Wright said...


Brian Gronewoller said...

This is fantastic. I can only hope that my writing career will someday be recognized in a similar manner; perhaps "caucasian drinking metrosexual theologian".

roger flyer said...

What? You're a theologian now?

Anonymous said...

Is it better to be called a beatnik or a hippy?

Anonymous said...

Very nice. But be careful referring to Oliver's "latest."

I enjoy your blog.

Tom McCall

Adam Couchman said...

Didn't know you smoked cigars...

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