Sunday 19 September 2010

John Henry Newman

Loads of good stuff lately at ABC Religion and Ethics, including a whole suite of posts to mark Cardinal Newman's beatification:
And speaking of Newman, Kim has written a wondrous clerihew for the occasion:

Cardinal Newman
Wasn’t at his own exhuming,
Nor does his miracle,
For all the panegyricals,
Pass muster as empirical,
So a saint
He ain’t.


Jonathan Robinson said...

@ kim, it all rather depends on how you qualify as a saint!

Anonymous said...

So Mr Fabricius,

What constitutes empirical evidence for a miracle? Surely the best evidence is when a physical event occurs for which not only is there no natural scientific accounting, but the event itself is so remarkable that it flies in the face of all natural scientific accounting. And if the man to whom the event occurred prayed fervently for the event prior to its occurrence, then what better evidence does one look for? What would you suggest? How easy for those who fail in faith to make smug about a man with a bad back. Your “master,” the Anglo Catholic Auden, would never have been so crass.

Unknown said...

Mathison writes: "Cardinal Newman said that to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant. …[but he] recognized the obvious difference between the current Roman Church and the early church. He was too deep in history not to see it. He had to develop his famous idea of doctrinal development to explain it."

Are they handing out beatifications now for those who come up with the most creative doctrines?

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