Thursday, 28 June 2012

Doodlings gay and grave

by Kim Fabricius

I am finding that the best arguments for gay marriage are often made by its opponents. For example, the apocalyptic prediction and hostage-taking tone of a recent “official” pronouncement by the Church of England that gay marriage will herald the end of establishment. So it’s The Late Great Church of England.  

Then there is the cunning plan of traditionalists to play the victim card, i.e., to claim that the church is the target of an aggressive liberal-zeitgeist expansionism. Yes, those poor straight people who suffer abuse and bullying in the West, and in certain East European, African, and Asian countries live under the daily threat of violence and death.

Sure, theologians may, in good faith, advance weighty arguments against same-sex relationships, but it is overwhelmingly clear that, among the pewtariat, homophobia is sustained by ignorance and prejudice.

Would I be wrong to suggest that a seismic shift in in the gay issue in the US will come when the African American churches deal with it?

One person’s lobby or interest group is another person’s confessing church.

Dr Richard Scott of Margate, Kent, a Christian GP, was given an official reprimand by the General Medical Council for acting in a way that was “clinically not in the best interest” of a patient. What had Dr Scott done? Inter alia, he had advised his patient to turn to Jesus or risk life-long suffering, invoking the devil in his prognosis. The Bishop of Dover has written of the GMC’s “disturbing” restriction on the expression of faith. No episcopal comment, however, on the GP’s disturbing expression of the restriction of faith.

According to Aquinas, masturbation is a worse sin than rape, because a “sin against nature” is worse than a “sin against reason”. The argument itself strikes me as a sin against reason, or at least common sense, but hey, even the Angelic Doctor occasionally crashes and burns. Of course, this poor frater seiunctus kneels to be corrected. 

Here’s an ironic observation for you, widely known but seldom admitted: were it not for adultery, there would be more divorces.

I can’t make up my mind about the historical Adam. It’s the belly button thing.

Wittgenstein said that if lions could talk, we wouldn’t understand them. Hyenas, however – we’re on the same page.

In thirty years as a pastor I have encountered many Christians about whom I think:  poor souls, a little less chapter and verse and a little more Brahms and Liszt – and I don’t mean the composers.

The moral self is both a hunted and a hunting creature.

God’s answer to Job – talk about overkill. The taste of a woman, a bowl of Häagen-Dazs, the swing of Ted Williams would have done the trick.

I suppose it is rather obvious that people who commit atrocities suffer from EDD – Empathy Deficit Disorder. What is perhaps less obvious is that so do people who condemn them as “pure evil”.

We now rightly distance ourselves from the infamous fulminations of Martin Luther against the Jews. Tellingly, however, we seldom hear of his outright demonization of Mohammed and Islam, as if this theological enemy-othering were not equally odious. Now why do you suppose that is?

It is ironic that the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo is under assault again in some theological circles precisely at the apogee of the New Atheists, since their refutation ultimately depends on it. So does their education.

The way some advocates of just violence argue, a couple of divisions of the seraphic reserves that Jesus refused to call up at his crucifixion (Matthew 26:53) were stationed in the vicinity of Nazareth just in case his family was assaulted by rapists and murderers.

In Gilead, John Ames writes that for him, “writing has always felt like praying.”  For me, praying has always felt like writing. Maybe that’s why I find it so darn difficult. 

Kings had their fools; presidents and prime ministers settle for idiots.

What is the difference between ignorance and stupidity? The ignorant will turn to Google, the stupid think they are Google.

If you want first-hand thoughts, go to a second-hand book store.

The guy who first claimed that arguments ad hominem are fallacious – what an asshole!

“Niagara Falls” in the Abbott and Costello sketch, “The Germans” in the sixth episode of Fawlty Towers, LeBron James in Cleveland, “Radical Orthodoxy” at An und für sich.

Jesus threw R. A. Dickey knuckle balls to the disciples, 100 mph dusters to the scribes, and lollipop curves to the ochlos.

With respect to Mr Prufrock, I shall not wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled. Nor shall I wear shapeless corduroys or M&S OAP polyester. No, I shall wear jeans, Wranglers or Levis – and not Comfort, Relaxed, or Loose Fit, but good old Regular Fit (if I can find them amidst all the goddamn designer denim). And I shall try to remain angry but joyful, cynical but hopeful, serious but silly. And I will watch baseball starting after midnight GMT – and then wake when I want to go for a run in the woods. On the Sabbath, however, I guess I shall have to go to church. That’s the downside of ministerial retirement. 


Mister Wolf said...

WRT pure evil: I don't even thing evil is a thing. The word evil is code for "it is okay to hurt or kill this person".

John B. Higgins said...

Kim is so cool. He swears, he's pro gay marriage, he quotes widely, and he always upturns our expectations with biting irony. I can't wait to see what pitiful conservative he intellectually demolished next!

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