Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sex, love and theologians: a Valentine's Day quiz

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s a little theological quiz. (Some of this is re-posted from four years ago, though I've also added some new questions.)

1. Which famous hymn-writer had an affair with his neighbour after spying on her while she took a shower?

2. Which theologian, on his own wedding night, provided lodging for a refugee?

3. Which woman made a habit of heckling her famous husband during his sermons?

4. Which 19th-century theologian was, throughout most of his career, a fulltime carer for his disabled wife?

5. A medieval theologian had a passionate affair with his young student, and her pregnancy caused a great scandal. What were the names of these unfortunate lovers?

6. Which Protestant theologian spoke frankly about his multitudinous affairs with students and others?

7. Which prominent ecclesiastical figure developed a reputation as a wife-killer?

8. Which Christian activist was abandoned by her atheist lover for having their child baptised?

9. Which contemporary theologian has described his wife as "the mother of my theology"?

10. Which person, upon converting to Christianity, abandoned the mistress who had lived with him for 14 years?

11. Which Christian writer entered into a marriage of convenience with an American woman to help her gain British citizenship?

12. Which theologian said: “The religious and the sexual are closely related"?

13. Which Christian writer provided a theological defence of polygamy?


Unknown said...

5. Peter Abelard and Heloise
10. Augustine?
11. C.S. Lewis

Steven Demmler said...

6. Tillich
12. Barth?

7. I am frightened!

Gabaon said...

1. King David.
4. C.H. Spurgeon.
5. Peter Abelard - Heloise of Argenteuil.
7. Henry VIII.
10. Augustine Of Hippo.
12. John Paul II.
13. Martin Luther.

Terry Wright said...

Isn't Jesus the answer?

Al said...

3. Mary Wesley
4. B.B. Warfield
13. John Milton?

Josh Nunziato said...

9. Robert Jenson

Saint Egregious said...

If 1 is supposed to be David, I believe rape, not 'affair' is the proper description of the act.

Anonymous said...

I'm with St. Egregious on 1. You couldn't refuse the king without fear of your life.

Dave Rattigan said...

I only got Tillich and Lewis.

Turning in my theological credentials.

maggi said...

1, King David
2. Luther?
4. Spurgeon
5 Abelard and Heloise
9 ? jurgen Moltmann (of Elisabeth Wendell)
10 Augustine
11 C S Lewis (although marraige of convenience disputed!)
13 John Milton??

Mike W. McVey said...

If I had no clue, I just put in a name that sounded funny to me.

1. Isaac Watts

2. John Wesley

3. Mrs. Spurgeon

4. Schleiermacher

5. Abelard and his student

6. Tillich

7. John Howard Yoder (For laughs only)

8. Phoebe Palmer

9. Miroslav Volf

10. Augustine

11. C.S. Lewis

12. Martin Luther

13. JRR Tolkien

David said...

lol at 1 and 7 :) Superb stuff Ben.

Anonymous said...

10 is presumably a trick question: Augustine had only been with his 12 year old fiancee a couple years when he converted. He split up with his long time concubine purely for the sake of self aggrandisement (and hence prompted the fictional Vita Brevis by a famous Norwegian guy - a bonus question?).

It is curious that I immediately thought of Augustine and then CS Lewis for this one...

Anonymous said...

Here's a try without looking...

1. David

2. ?


4. B. B. Warfield

5. Abelard & Heloise

6. Paul Tillich

7. Henry the VIII

8. ?

9. Robert W. Jenson

10. Augustine

11. C. S. Lewis

12. Rowan Williams, among others

13. ?


Jonathan R Wilson said...

8. Dorothy Day

Ben Myers said...

Well done, Jonathan! No one else had even had a crack at #8 — so I was just about to post the following cryptic clue: Dot, a Catholic activist for 24 hours

But you beat me to it!

Steve Harris said...

Ah! I knew #8, but just got here...

Guy Davies said...

1. David
4. B. B. Warfield
5. Abelard & Heloise
6. Tillich
10. Augustine
11. C. S. Lewis
13. Martin Luther

roger flyer said...

good test, prof myers. grading on a curve?

Ben Myers said...

OK, now that all the questions have been correctly answered, here's a full list of the answers:

1. King David
2. Luther
3. Mary Wesley
4. B. B. Warfield
5. Abelard and Heloise
6. Paul Tillich
7. Henry VIII
8. Dorothy Day
9. Robert W. Jenson (see the Latin dedication to his Systematic Theology)
10. Augustine
11. C. S. Lewis
12. Karl Barth (only one person correctly guessed this one: no, it was not John Paul II, but I'm glad I tricked you!)
13. John Milton (Luther is also correct)

JeremyR said...

Tillich was a creepster

Ben Myers said...

Someone told me an anecdote the other day about Tillich: young women used to sit at the back of the room during his lectures, because it was "too hot" down in the front rows.

Anna Blanch said...

interesting quiz ben, especially around valentines day. Certainly doesn't put theologians in the best light does it?

Student said...

I was looking for Merton behind the barn.

Ben Myers said...

Hi Anna, I'm sure it would be easy to put theologians in a better light — but the interesting stories are usually the bad ones!

james said...

Yoder's actually got rarely told history with sexual issues and banning from his church. Not so Valentine-ish though.

Ondrej from Good Reading said...

I wouldn't have even the slightest clue. However, in regards to #5 - it will probably never cease to amaze me how Catholics try to separate the act of life and their religion.

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