Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More on sex, theology and humanness

The discussion of sex and humanness has continued on various blogs, including the following:


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when Sarah Coakley's systematics will be published? It's been announced for a while now.

Anonymous said...

First volume is said to be available 2009/10. Still doesn't seem to be available for pre-order.

John Tyson said...

I recently posted a summary of the Coakley article that you are referencing: http://jatyson.wordpress.com/category/gender/

Anonymous said...

I've just written a semi-alternative take on this issue - http://thinkingblueguitars.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/penis-rings-you-may-why-sex-doesnt-matter/ - by considering it in terms of what Slavoj Žižek has defined as the postmodern superego: rather than the castrating 'No!' of the father, we now have the polar opposite 'You may!'. This leads to a compulsion to consume, in which, in my opinion, sex plays an integral role. In this context,Rowan Williams' quotation seems not only morally radical, but also politically so.

Adam Kotsko said...

"You may" isn't the bad thing -- it's the "you must because you can," the compulsory enjoyment. "You may" is the stance that psychoanalysis supposedly opens up, i.e., it is "good" for Zizek's purposes.

Andrew said...

Might I add my two cents? About a year ago I posted on how marriage unites man and woman to create the "one flesh" that more fully bears God's image in his tri-unity.


Tony said...

Sarah Coakley's article debunks Halden's too neat dismissal of gender and sexuality from what is of "ultimate significance" in understanding our humanness. There is here a radical difference in the construal of Christology in particular, and of theological language and method in general.

prepagos said...

is the stance that psychoanalysis supposedly opens it is "good" for Zizek's purposes

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