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Steve Wright is an Australian living in Manchester, England, where he teaches theology for Nazarene Theological College. Steve teaches primarily in the area of Christian theology, but he also reads and writes on aesthetics, photography, music, and Japanese culture. Before forsaking the sun for England, he taught for the Salvation Army at Booth College in Sydney. Steve can usually be found in his study surrounded by empty coffee cups and thinking warm thoughts.


Dogmatic Aesthetics: A theology of Beauty in Dialogue with Robert W. Jenson. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2014.

(as editor) Robert W. Jenson, Theology as Revisionary Metaphysics: Essays on God and Creation. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2014.

"The Creator Sings: A Wesleyan Rethinking of Transcendence with Robert W. Jenson," Heythrop Journal 53:6 (Nov. 2012): 972-982.


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