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Ben Myers is director of The Millis Institute in Brisbane, where he teaches theology, literature, and philosophy. He is also a research fellow of the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology at Charles Sturt University. He taught theology for many years in Sydney and has been a research fellow at the University of Queensland, a visiting scholar at Fuller Seminary, and a fellow of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton. He once worked for a whole year as a full-time bibliographer, and liked it very much. Ben likes reading old books, watching old movies, writing with fountain pens, and riding his bicycle. He tweets at @_BenMyers_.


Milton’s Theology of Freedom. Walter de Gruyter, 2006.

Articles and Chapters

“Truth, Not Custom: Joseph Ratzinger on Faith and Reason,” in The Theology of Benedict XVI: A Protestant Appreciation, ed. Tim Perry (Lexham, 2019)

“Exegetical Mysticism: Scripture, Paideia, and the Spiritual Senses,” in Sarah Coakley and the Future of Systematic Theology, ed. Janice McRandal (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2016),  1-14

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“Dietrich Bonhoeffer,” in Great Spiritual Leaders: Studies in Leadership for a Pluralist Society, ed. Seforosa Carroll and William W. Emilsen (Canberra: Barton Books, 2014)

“A Tale of Two Gardens: Augustine’s Narrative Interpretation of Romans 5,” in Apocalpytic Paul: Cosmos and Anthropos in Romans 5–8, ed. Beverly Gaventa (Waco: Baylor University Press, 2013)

“Pauline Apocalyptic and Political Nihilism: Jacob Taubes and Karl Barth,” in Barth in Conversation, ed. W. Travis McMaken and David W. Congdon (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2014)

“Karl Barth’s Theology in Australia,” in Dogmatics after Barth: Facing Challenges in Church, Society, and the Academy, ed. Günter Thomas, R. H. Reeling Brouwer, and Bruce McCormack (Leipzig, 2012)

Several entries in The Milton Encyclopedia, ed. Thomas N. Corns (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012).

“‘Through him all things were made’: Creation, Redemption, Election,” in Ernst Conradie (ed.), Creation and Salvation: Dialogue on Abraham Kuyper's Legacy for Contemporary Ecotheology (Leiden: Brill, 2011)

“Election, Trinity and the History of Jesus: Reading Barth with Rowan Williams,” in Trinitarian Theology after Barth, ed. Myk Habets (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2011)

“The Basis of Union: A Manifesto for Evangelism,” ACCatalyst 5:5 (October 2011), 9-12

“Showing God” [sermon], in I Believe in God, ed. William Emilsen (Sydney: UTC Publications, 2011)

“The Aesthetics of Christian Mission,” Uniting Church Studies 17:2 (2011), 45-54

“Theology 2.0: Blogging as Theological Discourse,” Cultural Encounters 6:1 (2010), 47-60

“Justice, Law, Forgiveness” [book review], St Mark’s Review 209 (2009), 86-92

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“Milton and the Theology of Secular Politics,” The Turnbull Library Record 41 (2008), 37-49

“Faith as Self-Understanding: Towards a Post-Barthian Appreciation of Rudolf Bultmann,” International Journal of Systematic Theology 10:1 (2008), 21-35

(with Ross H. McKenzie) “Dialectical Critical Realism in Science and Theology: Quantum Physics and Karl Barth,” Science and Christian Belief 20:1 (2008), 49-66

“The Stratification of Knowledge in the Thought of T. F. Torrance,” Scottish Journal of Theology 61:1 (2008), 1-15

“Karl Barth as Historian: Historical Method in the Göttingen Lectures on Calvin, Zwingli and Schleiermacher,” Zeitschrift für dialektische Theologie 23:1 (2007), 96-109

“The Difference Totality Makes: Reconsidering Pannenberg’s Eschatological Ontology,” Neue Zeitschrift für systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie 49:2 (2007), 141-55

“Alister McGrath’s Scientific Theology,” in Alister McGrath, The Order of Things: Explorations in Scientific Theology (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006), 1-20

“Predestination and Freedom in Milton’s Paradise Lost,” Scottish Journal of Theology 59:1 (2006), 64-80

“Prevenient Grace and Conversion in Paradise Lost,” Milton Quarterly 40:1 (2006), 22-39

Some media pieces

Faith Gives Fullness to Reasoning (ABC Religion & Ethics)

An Inclusive Mission (Times Higher Education)

The Problem with Rowan Williams (ABC Religion & Ethics)

Good Friday Breakfast (ABC radio, discussing Richard Dawkins)

Book Reviews

Review of Stanley Fish, How Milton Works, in Parergon 19:2 (2002), 194-96

Review of Jeffrey Johnson, The Theology of John Donne, in Parergon 19:2 (2002), 213-14

Review of Mark Larrimore, ed., The Problem of Evil: A Reader, in Reformed Theological Review 61:1 (2002), 53-54

Review of Steven Shakespeare, Kierkegaard, Language and the Reality of God and David Willows, Divine Knowledge: A Kierkegaardian Perspective on Christian Education, in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 45:4 (2002), 750-53

Review of Jeffrey Johnson, The Theology of John Donne, in Churchman 116:4 (2002), 373-74

Review of Willem J. van Asselt and Eef Dekker, eds., Reformation and Scholasticism: An Ecumenical Enterprise, in Churchman 117:1 (2003), 93-95

Review of Constant J. Mews, Reason and Belief in the Age of Roscelin and Abelard, in Parergon 20:1 (2003), 259-61

Review of Bruce Ellis Benson, Graven Ideologies: Nietzsche, Derrida and Marion on Modern Idolatry, in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 46:3 (2003), 570-73

Review of Franz Posset, The Front-Runner of the Catholic Reformation: The Life and Works of Johann von Staupitz, in Parergon 21:2 (2004), 227-29

Review of Fergus Kerr, After Aquinas: Versions of Thomism, in Churchman 118:4 (2004), 373-74

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Review of Mark R. Lindsay, Barth, Israel, and Jesus: Karl Barth’s Theology of Israel, in American Theological Inquiry 1:1 (2008), 102-4

Review of Paul Helm, John Calvin’s Ideas, in American Theological Inquiry 1:1 (2008), 104-6

Review of Jeanne Shami, John Donne and Conformity in Crisis in the Late Jacobean Pulpit, in Parergon

Review of Lieven Boeve, God Interrupts History: Theology in a Time of Upheaval, in American Theological Inquiry 1:2 (2008), 150-1

Review of Matt Jenson, The Gravity of Sin: Augustine, Luther and Barth on homo incurvatus in se, in American Theological Inquiry 1:2 (2008), 151-4

Review of Neil B. MacDonald, Metaphysics and the God of Israel: Systematic Theology of the Old and New Testaments, in American Theological Inquiry 1:2 (2008), 140-2

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Review of Stefan Holtmann, Karl Barth als Theologe der Neuzeit. Studien zur kritischen Deutung seiner Theologie, in Reviews in Religion and Theology (2009)


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