Thursday, 18 January 2007

A note from Princeton

I’ve had a very happy and productive stay here in Princeton, and I’ve been astonished by the quality of the Karl Barth Research Collection (meticulously organised by Clifford Anderson, who is himself an excellent Barth scholar).

It has been especially good to make so many new friends here. In particular, I’ve spent some very happy hours talking with Robert Jenson and Bruce McCormack, and I’ve been able to chat with many of the other students and faculty as well. A real highlight has been getting to know Chris and Anneli, and David and Amy – they’ve been wonderfully warm and hospitable, and they’ve shown me every kindness while I’ve been here.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be heading off to a conference on theology and science in Cancun, Mexico. As LeRon Shults has pointed out, this one’s a tough assignment, but someone’s got to do it....


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