Sunday, 28 January 2007

Eternal Father, almighty Father

A hymn by Kim Fabricius

(Tune: You are my sunshine)

Eternal Father, almighty Father,
you made the heavens and formed the earth;
you shaped all creatures
with wondrous features,
and in time brought Jesus to birth.

Eternal Jesus, incarnate Jesus,
the one who sits at the Father’s knee,
through human mother
became our brother,
lived and died for me, even me.

Eternal Spirit, life-giving Spirit,
love of the Father, love of the Son,
you live inside us
and safely guide us
through the church to worlds yet to come.

O Liberator, Son and Creator,
we worship you, Lord, in song and prayer;
your soul is gracious,
your heart is spacious,
in your joyful being we share.


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