Thursday, 28 December 2006

Highlights of 2006

Here are some of my personal choices for the highlights of 2006:

Best theology book (academic): Paul J. DeHart, The Trial of the Witnesses: The Rise and Decline of Postliberal Theology (Blackwell, 2006)

Best theology book (popular):
N. T. Wright, Simply Christian (SPCK, 2006)

Best journal article:
Bruce L. McCormack, “Karl Barth’s Christology as a Resource for a Reformed Version of Kenoticism,” IJST 8:3 (2006), 243-51

Best new theology blog:
Nothing New under the Sun

Best novel: Michael Cox, The Meaning of Night (John Murray, 2006)

Best TV series:
Bleak House

Best film:
Alfonso Cuarón, Children of Men

Best album: Bob Dylan, Modern Times

Best place visited: Cabarita Beach, New South Wales


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